Eating Before your Workout I Carbohydrate vs Protein vs Fasted

The question of “what should I eat before training”, is one that personally, I get asked a lot! Both by the athletes I coach, and by our Endure IQ education community (athletes and coaches). Up until now, I’ve always answered based on what I thought I knew, and what the literature pointed towards. However, to put it simply, the research just hasn’t been done in this space. That’s why I was super excited when I met my PhD student Jeff Rothschild nearly two years ago and learned this was the question he was eager to answer. I know what you’re thinking “this has surely been researched and already known?" Well, quite simply, it hasn’t, and certainly not in well-trained athletes.

As part of our quest to help figure out how we should be eating before exercise, I'm excited to share with you the findings from a new study from our lab that was just published, titled "Pre-Exercise Carbohydrate or Protein Ingestion Influences Substrate Oxidation...

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