120 Grams Per Hour: Deciphering the 'Carbolution' Craze - A Deep Dive into Physiology and Research


I wrote a blog about the recent research assessing the effects of ingesting carbohydrates at very high rates, >120 grams per hour, during endurance exercise (1, 2). My view of the literature, as discussed in the blog, is that there isn’t yet any compelling evidence that ingesting carbohydrates at these super high rates will improve long-distance triathlon performance, or that it’s worth the logistical hassle and risk of gastrointestinal upset. Indeed, there’s even some evidence that carbohydrate ingestion at rates above 90 grams per hour accelerates muscle glycogen depletion and impairs performance (3, 4).

In this blog, inspired by an engaging Twitter thread authored by Prof. Tim Noakes and Iñigo San Millán, I'll delve into the metabolic outcome of ingesting 120 grams of carbohydrates per hour. Through this exploration, I aim to reinforce the...

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