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Session Count

World-class triathlon training programs backed by science.

Endure IQ Training Squad


Take charge of your performance with proven training programs and workouts, adjustable to your needs, in the Endure IQ Training Squad

Creating your own triathlon or endurance training plan can be overwhelming - especially once you throw in the abundant information overload in the area - and 1-on-1 coaching comes with a bigger price tag. That’s why we started the Endure IQ Training Squad. It’s a training hub for athletes to have access to a training calendar consisting of a selection of world-class training plans and workouts from a credible source with proven results.

And what’s more, we give you the tools and ability to adjust those plans and programs to suit your lifestyle and goals. We don’t want to simply create a generic training plan and send you on your way. We want to educate and empower you as an athlete and the decisions you make in your training through the Training Squad, taking control of your own performance.





Dr. Dan Plews walks you through the Squad experience and what a premium subscription looks like in this brief demo of the Squad itself. Whether you're considering 1:1 half-distance or IRONMAN coaching, half-distance or IRONMAN training plans, or just want to maintain triathlon specific fitness you'll get a good idea here of how the Endure IQ Training Squad supports you in all these areas.


Structured Training

Structured training plans based on the best methodology for optimal balance of stress and recovery to help you maximize performance. 

Structured Workouts

Specifically structured and progressive workouts that target the key areas of your physiology which are crucial for success in triathlon. 

Performance Tracking

Upload and sync your personal training data to our performance management dashboard for detailed analysis and individualized progression tracking. 




"The SQUAD is the perfect opportunity for me to tap into the knowledge and experience Dan has about training and preparing for long distance triathlons. I feel I am much more educated on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of training planning and specific sessions, even compared to individual coaching I have had over the last couple of years. Each training targets a specific adaptation and is clearly explained including fueling requirements which is very useful for me as I am following a LCHF approach since 2019. Dan also integrates the latest insights from human performance research into the plans, that way I am confident that I don’t leave any stones unturned when it comes to preparing for my best race possible. For me the SQUAD feels like the best fit high performance training team you can join from everywhere around the globe."



Achieve your performance goals by working directly with Dr. Dan Plews or your preferred Endure IQ coach. All of our coaches are aligned with Endure IQ philosophies and are hand selected by Dr. Dan Plews. 

Within this program your coach will provide a customized and structured training program geared towards your goals and daily requirements. They will provide unlimited modifications and interactions with individual assistance of race planning, nutrition and all aspects of performance.