Jan Van Berkel - The Fat Adapted Healthy Athlete: Visceral Fat and It's Relationship to Health and Performance

Blog revisited - Originally written and published in 2017.
High levels of visceral fat, meaning the fat we carry around our organs, is a well-known marker of health decay. Jan Van Berkel, coached by Dan Plews, experienced substantial reductions in visceral fat (339 g to 166 g) after making a few key changes in behaviour. These adjustments coincided with large improvements in both health and performance, and just last week recorded a personal best time in the South African Ironman (5th professional). Carry on reading and learn how he achieved this, and what it means to become a “fat-adapted, healthy athlete".
The first major Ironman of the season for Plews and Prof athletes turned out to be a good one at Ironman South Africa (IMSA). With 4th and 5th places, and two personal best times from Kyle Buckingham and Jan Van Berkel (JVB). Both athletes had stellar performances and were thrilled with their result.
I (Plews) have...
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