Endure IQ Functional Threshold Power Calculator

I talk a lot about physiological profiling, and how getting tested in an exercise physiology laboratory can be really helpful for refining your training. However, I also know that many athletes do not have access to exercise physiology labs for this testing.

Accordingly, I’ve put together a couple of calculators on the Endure IQ website that you can use to get decent estimates of things like intensity thresholds using easy-to-access field test data.

In this section we are going to talk about the metabolic calculator. I’ll walk you through how to perform the field tests to get the necessary data. But we also include calculators for fat metabolism/lactate thresholds, critical swim speed and critical running speed.

Field test estimate of cycling functional threshold power (FTP)

If you’re a cycling, you have likely heard of FTP – which is an indicator of the power you can hold for an hour. We can use FTP to generate training zones, and we can estimate FTP using a...

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