1:1 Coaches

Achieve your performance goals by working directly with Dr. Dan Plews or your preferred Endure IQ coach. All of our coaches are aligned with Endure IQ philosophies and are hand selected by Dr. Dan Plews. 

Dr. Dan Plews

USD$1,000 / month

An exclusive program for enthusiastic amateurs who have big goals and are juggling work, family and life schedules. This is your opportunity to work directly with Dan Plews for a complete coaching and scientific monitoring experience.

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David Haywood


David is a medical student from the UK who came to triathlon from a background as a Guinness World Record setting ultra-cyclist, and one of the youngest individuals to ever circumnavigate the globe westbound, solo, by bicycle  - riding 21,619mi (34,793km) through 33 countries in 349 days. A keen student of psychology as well as medicine, David is passionate about unlocking both the physical and mental capacity of individuals to help them chase after exciting goals in sport and beyond. 

Dr. Graeme Stewart


Graeme has extensive experience of racing and coaching since 2003. With an educational background that began in medicine and 10 years in cancer research, he is ideally suited to working with the Endure IQ training approach.

During this time he also managed to reach a level of training that allowed him to race professionally and achieve some fast times with a PB of 8:16:42 and multiple top 10 finishes in PRO races. He credits much of this success to similar training optimisations that have been detailed in the Endure IQ courses and embraces an evidence based approach.

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Merle Maud


Triathlon coach and EndureIQ resident swim expert. I coach athletes racing both full and 70.3 Ironman from novice to world championship qualification. With years of coaching and racing experience, I apply both practical experience and continued education to optimise performance.

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Aaron Geiser

USD $450/month

Aaron started coaching over 7 years ago and has coached athletes to 70.3 World Championships qualifications. While his athletes haven’t been able to race this season, he has helped them stay motivated and has seen great improvement in their frequency, volume, endurance, power and efficiency in training.

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Vicente Hernández


Vicente is a professional triathlete that has been racing at first world level over the last decade. He is a passionate about sport and it guided him to study the Degree in Sports Science combined with racing all over the world. He found his formation as a great tool to understand all the training process, how to get his best and to deal with training and racing in many different places and conditions.

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Eric Engel


Eric Engel is the newest coach to join the Endure IQ Coaching ranks. A seasoned triathlete, full time marketing expert and triathlon coach based in the USA with over 15 years of racing experience and 6+ years of coaching experience.

New to the Endure IQ, Eric has studied and implemented Dr. Dan Plews' scientific training and nutritional philosophies into his own lifestyle.

Eric is eager to help other athletes implement these exact same principles into their training, all while having fun and balancing a busy schedule

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Bruce Cook

Accredited Coach

USD $350/Month

With more than 20 years in the sport of triathlon, including 8 years as a coach, Bruce understands both the actual experience of training and racing as well as the science behind the preparation.

Bruce has coached athletes at all levels from beginner to World Championship level. Also, he has competed at the World Championships multiple times in 70.3 and 140.6 distances.

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Adam Storey

Strength Coach

Adam’s specialist background in the areas of strength and power development has enabled him to work with multiple World and Olympic champions across several sports including track and field, sprint kayak and sailing. In addition, he has a breadth of experience working in the high-pressure and complex environment of professional (Super Rugby) and international level rugby union.

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Brad Beer

Endure IQ Physiotherapist

Brad Beer is known for his expertise in treating running and triathlon related injuries. A physiotherapist with over 15 years experience, Brad is an APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist, and  Head Physiotherapist for the Super League Triathlon Series. 

Brad consults for Triathlon NZL and Athletics NZL, Olympic athletes, World Record holders, the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, and multiple Australian representative runners and triathletes.

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