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Dan Plews is an Applied Sports Scientist, Researcher, and Coach. He is also a competitive triathlete in his own right. With his unique combination of credentials, he's seen it all and most importantly experienced it himself. With 17 years of experience, he knows what separates the world's best athletes and most importantly what matters to achieve peak performance. As a researcher, you can be assured the he's basing his recommendations on scientific facts and always keeping one step ahead of the curve with the latest findings. Most recently he is also on the cutting edge of tech in the triathlon world, being a Co-Founder of the dynamic training TRIQ app. His former and current 1:1 coached professional triathletes include: Terenzo Bozzone (current), Jan van Berkel (current), Javier Gomez (current), Chelsea Sodaro (current), Pablo Dapena (current), Tim van Berkel (former). His portfolio of working with team and athletes as an renowned Performance Physiologist includes: Rowing (NZ), Women's Kayak (NZ), Team New Zealand (Sailing), and Hamish Bond (Cycling).

If you are looking to seriously improve your performance based on science driven solutions, Dan is here to support you do just that. He will provide you with the 'why' behind the 'what' whether it be through 1:1 Consultations or 1:1 Coaching.

PhD Exercise Physiology
50+ Peer-Reviewed Publications
Ironman World Championship
Age Group Course Record Holder
Co-Founder of TRIQ App

"Off the back of claiming the age group course record at the 2018 Ironman World Championships, I finally felt like I got the combination right. Through Endure IQ I want to share with athletes and coaches how to land in the middle of enjoyment, health, and performance. You have to pay attention to all of it – it’s all important." 

Dr Daniel Plews

Endure IQ Founder

50+ Scientific Publications


Answering the key questions right at the cutting edge of endurance performance. Dr. Plews is world renown for his work around HRV & Low Carbohydrate performance. Click below to view Dr. Plew's work on Google Scholar which has been cited over 2,500+ times. 


Scientific Publications

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