New Course: Optimizing Long Distance Triathlon Training and Performance in the Heat 


Enrollments close 19 July at 8pm (UTC)


Dr. Dan Plews talks about the background of Endure IQ LDT103, and why this course 'Optimizing Long Distance Triathlon Training and Performance in the Heat' is so important for athletes and coaches.


LDT103 is ready to roll!


In Endure IQ LDT103 you’ll learn all about training and performing in the heat. If you look at research, a good heat acclimation program can see performance improvements of up to 15%. To give you the best performance in both hot and temperate conditions, we’ve covered all the components of this hot topic that you need to know. At the end of the course, we’ve brought it all together for you with practical recommendations that will help you confidently prepare and execute heat acclimation programs for yourself or your athletes. If you have Kona World Championship in sight on your race schedule, this course will help you beat the heat on race day.


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Enrollments for LDT103 are now open!



Each online course is guided by providing background of knowledge and experience to the following questions.


Optimizing LDT training and performance in the heat, such as that experienced at the World Championships in Kona


Why is it important to understand  the physiological changes that occur when training and racing in the heat and what are the consequences of this on performance? (modules 1 and 2).


How can I successfully adapt to the heat during training and put in place successful strategies to perform at my best come race day (modules 3-8).


Each module varies in length but will range between 20min-40min

Lesson 1: Influence of the Environment
Lesson 2: Humans are Cool!
Lesson 3: Metabolic and Anthropometric Considerations
Lesson 4: Gastro-Intestinal Function and Integrity in the Heat
Lesson 5: Exertional Heat Illness

Lesson 1: Introduction to Heat Adaptation
Lesson 2: Sudomotor Adaptation
Lesson 3: Cardiovascular Adaptation
Lesson 4: Perceptual and Cognitive Adaptation

Lesson 1: Key Components
Lesson 2: Traditional Protocols
Lesson 3: Alternative Protocols
Lesson 4: Monitoring Heat Adaptation
Lesson 5: Periodizing Heat Adaptations

Lesson 1: Principles of Training Adaptation
Lesson 2: Physiological Effects of Training Under Heat Stress
Lesson 3: Metabolic Rationale for Training in the Heat 
Lesson 4: Risks and Challenges
Lesson 5: What Does the Data Tell Us?

Lesson 1: Pre-Cooling History and Mechanism
Lesson 2: Pre-Cooling Strategies
Lesson 3: Mid-Exercise Cooling Strategies
Lesson 4: Implementing and Testing Cooling


Lesson 1: Fluid and Electrolyte Storage
Lesson 2: Fluid Losses During Exercise
Lesson 3: Electrolyte Losses During Exercise
Lesson 4: Effects of Dehydration


Lesson 1: How Much to Drink?
Lesson 2: What to Drink?
Lesson 3: When to Drink?

Lesson 1: Limiting Factors for Performance
Lesson 2: Fatigue and Pacing
Lesson 3: Challenges Faced When Pacing Under Heat Stress
Lesson 4: Integrating Pacing and Heat Stress

Lesson 1: Practice Makes Perfect
Lesson 2: Heat Acclimation
Lesson 3: Travel And Arrival
Lesson 4: Pre-Race Considerations
Lesson 5: Execute


  • LDT 103 Workbook to help facilitate learning throughout the module
  • A short quiz at the end of each module
  • Access to the research papers that are referenced during the course
  • Additional downloads to help further your knowledge
  • Podcasts with Professor Paul Laursen from HIIT Science and Andy Blow of Precision Hydration
  • Access to the Endure IQ Community on Facebook where you can ask your instructors questions 
  • Endure IQ Certificate of Completion



Dr. Dan Plews will lead the way in LDT103. As a coach of age-group and elite long distance triathletes, sports scientist, and a successful age group  triathlete himself, Dan will provide you with the tools you need to successfully train and race long distance triathlons in the heat. This, combined with the expert knowledge and research of our guest instructors, we aim to provide you with both the fast hard facts and the practical application of this knowledge to training and racing.

The guest experts joining Dan in this course are Dr Julia Casadio (PhD Exercise Physiology), Dr Chris Stevens (PhD Exercise and Sports Science) and Ed Maunder (Master in Exercise Physiology and Metabolism).


$325 USD

Enrollments for LDT103 are now open! Enroll now to secure your spot n LDT103 and learn how to optimize your long-distance triathlon training and performance in the heat.
Enrollments for LDT103 will close on 19 July at 8pm (UTC). If you miss out, the course will be available again at a later date.

"The normal sports nutrition model suits a few people I’m sure, but for me to not fade around 8hrs in a 9h 30 race was the key element and I happy to say, after 5 months of giving the LCHF approach a go, Ironman Santa Rosa was my best run performance in 10 years and I had only 2 gels the whole marathon, with no energy dips. I wasn’t sure how I’d go, but training sessions had given me confidence plus a 70.3 five weeks earlier. I now continue the quest to tweak the current levels, as its not easy, but always learning and look forward to improved performances into my 40’s! Dan, having done LDT101, my understanding is much greater and I can hopefully help others with issues and share the love."

Andy Brodziak
Coach & Athlete

"After completing the course on the application of the LCHF approach for long distance triathletes I can recommend the great program the guys EndureIQ have put together. Even if you are not a LCHF coach understanding the ‘practical application’ of this approach is key to applying it to your athletes or working with those following this dietary approach. The course is hosted by academics but with a ‘real world’ view and importantly personal ‘experience' of the LCHF application for long course."

Dr. Mark J. Tallon

"Super valuable course if you are interested in how food can effect your performance and your general health. The material is compact and very visual thanks to all the video recordings. Plenty of scientific examples for those who love digging into more detail but also easy to follow if you just want to understand the concept and how to approach LCHF. There are so many ‘’diets’’ on the market that are recommended for long distance athletes. Dan and his team are looking into some interesting facts and evidence why many athletes are struggling when it comes to food, body composition and taking the performance to next level. If you think the LCHF is not your cup of tea, it will still put lot of things into perspective in long distance sport performance. It is a course that links science, proof and practise into one holistic approach."

Merle Talviste
70.3 Age-group Champion, Swim Smooth Certified Coach


Can I do the course even if I am not a Long Distance Triathlete?

Yes. Whilst the context of the course is within long distance triathlon, the basic principles within the course apply to anyone doing endurance sport.

Do I get lifetime access to the course materials?

No, due to copyright the video learning materials are only available until course access closes. The course access period is 12 weeks from the date of enrollment. However, you do receive a workbook to facilitate your learning and there are practical resources available for select lessons that you can download. We recommend that you take notes throughout the course that you can refer back to once course access has ended. If you would like to revisit the course materials once course access has ended, you can sign up for Endure IQ's weekly subscription which provides access to the course materials and the Endure IQ Community on Facebook.

Do I get lifetime access to the Endure IQ Community on Facebook?

No, due to the time that it takes to upkeep the Facebook page, access to the Facebook group will end upon conclusion of your course. You will however be able to download certain materials from the Facebook group to refer back to once course access has closed. If you would like to revisit the course and the Endure IQ Community once course access has ended, you can sign up for Endure IQ's weekly subscription which provides access to the course materials and the Endure IQ Community on Facebook.

What happens after I complete the course?

You will receive a certificate of completion and we’ll direct you to further courses that will continue to advance your knowledge.

How do I know the course is credible and contains correct information?

This course is evidence-informed and based on coach, applied practitioner, and athlete based experiences.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, contact us within 21 days and we’ll give you a full refund.


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