Technique Analysis

If you're an athlete looking to optimise your swim, bike or run.
Our technique analysis helps to improve efficiency and reduce injury risk. 

Swim Analysis

USD$100 SQUAD / $120 Public

A Swim Smooth video analysis consultation with Endure IQ Coach Merle Maud is perfect for any level of swimmer. 

If you have just started your freestyle journey, it will speed up your development and allow you to learn with the right technique

If your development has plateaued, it will highlight the key changes you need to make to get to the next level

Top level swimmers are able to fine tune technique for energy efficiencies giving free speed or to avoid overuse injuries.

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Run Analysis

USD$180 SQUAD / $200 Public

Work with Endure IQ Coach Aaron Geiser to improve your run technique.

The marathon is arguably where races are won in triathlon, however, training for the run is also where injuries can occur due to the heavy load running incurs on your body. As a result, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your own running technique and adjusting key areas of your stride can help improve both your performance and reduce risk of injury.

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