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"Since being coached by Dan, I have enjoyed some of my greatest accolades in the sport of Ironman Triathlon. Dan's guidance and training philosophies has allowed my training to be based on scientific principles and my individualized physiology. Through Dan's coaching, I have come to understand the benefit of managing and monitoring my training. This means progression can be truly quantified and continuously strived towards. Moreover, Dan's belief and dedication towards my goals, allows us to work as a united team. A formula has meant I finally progressed to winning my first Asia-Pacific Ironman title in 2016."

Tim Van Berkel
Professional Ironman Triathlete & Asia-Pacific Ironman Champion

"I started working with Dan in 2018. From the start I knew that his coaching would be different due to his detailed background in sports science, nutrition and working with different types of athletes. Before I met Dan I was already a competitive age group athlete. I was trying to get the best out of my training and as a result I kept getting injured when I tried to push the envelope too far. I was starting to doubt if I could ever overcome my injuries. Dan has managed to flip that coin and has showed me that there is so much more I can develop, which makes training really motivating. He is a master of knowing when and how to challenge me to get that next gain that that fills in the big picture. His science knowledge and his practicality makes his coaching point on. He has helped me to become not only a better athlete but also much healthier and balanced with a balanced LCHF approach and with his great advice."

Merle Talviste
Ironman and 70.3 triathlete

"Dan has been an integral part of "The Kiwi Pair's" 69 race, 8 year undefeated international rowing record. With the continuous pursuit of speed and performance always at the forefront, Dan's thinking and methodology has evolved simultaneously with my career. As an athlete it is important to have trust in "the program", for me, this requires the architect to be open to inquisition. Dan has always been prepared to explain the how and why with regards to key sessions, crucial when pushing yourself to the physical limits."

Hamish Bond
Multiple Olympic & World Champion Rower

"Dan has been an integral part of my high performance team over the past four years and was a key part of my World Championship success in 2014. His training program has transformed me as an athlete and helped me to two world records on the ergometer. Dan's strengths are his depth of knowledge and expertise in physiology, his ability to write a training program specific to the needs of the athlete, and the pioneering methods used in monitoring his athletes. Dan's holistic approach to life and sport has given me the confidence to push to my limits on the water and maximize what I do off the water."

Emma Twigg
Olympian & Multiple World Championship Medallist - Rowing


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Dan Plews is an Applied Sports Scientist, Researcher and Coach. He is also a competitive triathlete in his own right. With his unique combination of credentials, he's seen it all and most importantly experienced it himself. With 17 years experience, he knows what separates the world's best athletes and most importantly what matters to achieve peak performance. As a researcher, you can be assured the he's basing his recommendations on scientific facts and always keeping one step ahead of the curve with the latest findings.


2018 Ironman Age Group World Championship Course Winner Record Holder in 8:24:36

2018 Ironman Age Group Taupo Course Record Holder in 8:35

70.3 Ironman PB in 3:54


Coached three Pro Ironman athletes to sub-8-hours including Terenzo Bozzone, Jan Van Berkel, and Tim Van Berkel. 

Coach to age groupers who are consistently hitting PBs in Ironman and 70.3


PhD in Exercise Physiology

Expert in heart rate variability (HRV)

30 peer-reviewed publications

Research fellow at AUT University

Worked closely with athletes who have won more than 25 world and Olympic titles in sports of rowing, kayak, and triathlon.


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