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LDT102 2020

Claim your spot in LDT102: Training Program Fundamentals for Long Distance Triathlon 


  • Once enrolled, you will have immediate access to the course materials. Access to the course materials and the Endure IQ Community on Facebook will end 12 weeks from the date of enrollment.
  • The first payment will be processed immediately after checkout. The second payment will be processed one month later and the third payment will be processed on month after that.


  • Access to the online course which includes 10 modules and quizzes that will guide you through Training Program Fundamentals for Long Distance Triathlon
    • M1: Long Distance Triathlon Training Pyramid
    • M2: Training Zones, Training Load and Physiology
    • M3: Training Frequency and Volume
    • M4: Training Intensity Distribution
    • M5: High Intensity Interval Training
    • M6: Training Periodization
    • M7: Specific Strength
    • M8: Race Specific Simulation
    • M9: Tapering
    • M10: Bringing it All Together
  • LDT 102 Workbook to help facilitate learning throughout the module
  • Training session examples and training zone calculator downloads
  • Access to the Endure IQ Community on Facebook, for the duration of the course, where you can ask your instructors questions, gain access to the latest research and receive exclusive discounts.
  • An ENDURE IQ Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the course with a minimum 75% pass rate of all module quizzes


The enrollment period is open indefinitely.

You will have immediate access to the course materials. You will also be able to join our Endure IQ Community on Facebook upon enrolling in the course, and you will have access to this group for the duration of the course.

Access to the course and Endure IQ Community will close 12 weeks after your date of enrollment.

If the second and third payments are unable to be processed, access to the course materials and Endure IQ Community will be revoked until the payment is made.

If you require further access to the course and Facebook Community you can purchase a weekly subscription  for $5 USD per week to extend your access.