"Your course has fundamentally enhanced my long-distance athletic performance as well as my overall health and well-being. In triathlon, I struggled to maintain my energy levels, hitting the inevitable "carb wall" hours into a workout. Now, since I'm fat-oxidized, I have a boundless energy supply and no dreaded GI issues! More important than athletic performance is one's health. Before your course, my body was fueled largely by carbs, sugar, and empty calories. As a result, my body always felt inflamed, and I noticed that my BMI kept inching up even though I was exercising vociferously. That is no longer the case after finishing the course. My BMI has dropped, I no longer show signs of high blood pressure, and my body recovers faster after a workout. Most importantly, though, your course provided me with the information (and self-confidence!) to finally find a balance between athletic performance and health and wellness. "

L. Glaesemann
LDT101 Graduate

"I have raced 10 x Ironman's and have been on the cusp of Kona qualification many times but have never managed to qualify. I switched to the low carb approach and results came instantly. I just came third in my age group at IM Western Australia in 9hrs 17min and qualified for Kona easily."

M. von Bibra
LDT101 Graduate

"The course was great. Made it extremely easy to understand the process. I’ve only just started and I’m now just into the sweet spot. Endure IQ has changed my life because I have become so much more disciplined with what I eat. I‘m finally finding it easy to loose those extra kilos I have been trying so hard to lose and I’m really starting to feel my performance is on an upward spiral. I am really looking forward to turn this into a permanent way of life. I feel so well and healthy."

M. Tanti
LDT101 Graduate


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